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Stick With It...

Legend  - Marie Lu

I love when you stick with a book and then it suddenly gets great.

Dracula [Insert Evil Laugh Here]

Dracula - Bram Stoker

In honor of the wonderful month of October.....



I am going to officially start reading Dracula as soon as I finish reading Legend...or maybe even before...


I have never actually read this book....I know! I'm crazy right! :) LOL Who has read the book? Be honest! Don't just say you read it cause it'll make you sound smart! :) LOL



Ok but seriously, who has read the book? What did you think?

Legend  - Marie Lu

I have a bad habit of reading multiple books at a time because I have to have different books for different moods. lol But I really want to stop doing this because I find that it takes me SO much longer to finish books than normal for me. So that should be a goal for me-read one book at a time.


or at least just two...maybe three. AH!

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Good night!

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& sweet dreams!

Do you worry that eReaders will replace 'paper' books?

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Books, eBooks - it doesn't really matter. Just read ;)

How Can We Help Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault?

I Never Called It Rape: The Ms. Report on Recognizing, Fighting, and Surviving Date and Acquaintance Rape - Robin Warshaw

"Knowing how to help a person who's been raped is as important as knowing how to help a choking victim or someone who's dreaming. It's basic first aid."


All of this is great, but what do you do with the information? Well, since this is such a powerful topic and I've been raving about my experience in reading this I want to share some things that the author encourages us to do if we are confronted with someone who tells us they've been raped...


1. Believe Her

2. Listen

3. Reinforce her that no matter what, the rape was not her fault

4. Suggest calling a rape-crisis center

5. Encourage her to preserve evidence

6. If you are her lover, with her approval, use appropriate touching and language to reestablish her feelings of worth. Only do what she feels comfortable and do not be offended if she wishes to not touch/hug, etc. but if she does want that...then be there for her. 

What do your bookshelves say about your personality?

I love these types of "who are you" kind of quizzes! :) I'm a mix between "The Designer" and "The Conquerer"


:) what type are you?


[REBLOGGED] How to Read More - 6 Ways of Reading Encouragement

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Sometimes we lack time or energy and it’s hard to find calm moment for reading pleasure. OR Our pile of Plannig-to-read Books is still growing high and we totally lost control over it. This means that we need some kind of reading encouragement. Take a look at six ways of internal motivation for external reading action :-)

1. Set yourself a reading goal, so called reading challenge. Reading resolutions are what many readers fall for with a new year and that’s a great way of putting a plant into action. Several BookLikers already did and set a goal of 100 books (Bucheule and Read a Book), Pesca on the other hand decided to try 50/50 challenge with a plan of reading 50 new books and watching 50 new movies. Just remember to make a feasible plan. Excessive book plan can make more harm than good leading to a reading block. Be reasonable and optimistic at the same time and think about your real reading possibilities.



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It's Not Enough For Only Women...

I Never Called It Rape: The Ms. Report on Recognizing, Fighting, and Surviving Date and Acquaintance Rape - Robin Warshaw

Both men AND women need to be educated on the issues surround rape culture and the thoughts, actions, and beliefs that support and encourage rape.


84% of the men who committed rape said that what they did was definitely not rape.



Meet Pickles, the cat who lives in Hobbiton

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Pickles is a lucky cat. Not only was she the only survivor when someone threw her and her littermates out of a car, the person who found her worked on the set of Hobbiton. So this is where she now lives.

Story here.

An Attitude of Gratitude! :)

I told you I was obsessed.... (2nd blog post of the day...)

I just came home from a networking event that went really well and immediately logged onto booklikes. :) lol Who needs facebook anymore- I can just come here! :)


I came to 14 notifications and there all from YOU!!


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You guys are AWESOME! I am DEFINITELY loving this community and the new friendships I'm forming here!! Thanks guys for being so awesome & welcoming!!!


And welcome to my new followers!!



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Stephen King quote
Stephen King quote

"There are books full of great writing that don't have very good stories. Read sometimes for the stories. Don't be like the book-snobs who won't do that. Read sometimes for the words- the language. Don't be like the play-it-safers that won't do that. But when you find a book that has both a good story and good words, treasure that book."


-- Stephen King


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