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Wasn't What I Expected.... *Spoiler Alert*

Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins

** spoiler alert **


Honestly, I was VERY disappointed in the ending for a few reasons.

One reason that I was disappointed was just that I felt like Katniss should've received more closure and reward than she did. I almost felt like the author just gave up and abruptly ended the book.

Another reason was the fact that I did feel like the ending was totally rushed, it was abrupt and so it left me feeling as if there was something else that should've happened and instead....nothing...

I also felt like, I know that this series is about a bunch of rainbows and sunshine, I understand that so I'm not looking for perfection. However, I felt like Katniss was still greatly punished and for what reason? I don't understand.

Then honestly, the writing in this book doesn't seem as well written as the others. I almost felt like this book could've technically not existed. The ending was abrupt BUT the story inbetween felt drawn out. I almost felt like this series could've been two books but that they wanted to draw it out to make it three books, but then when they realized they didn't really need the third book-she was just like-ah who cares, let's just the end the book and not even think about it.
And that's the end. lol

Honestly, if this wasn't the last book in the series, I would say skip it but I know that you kind of need some sort of closure when you start this series-but just don't think you'll find it here.

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