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Can't put the book down!

Matched  - Ally Condie

Ok so the last book that I've read where I couldn't put the book down was The Hunger Games and I read that earlier this year so it has been MONTHS since I have been able to find something that has captured my imagination so much where I literally am skipping meals to just read.


Can I just say, I LOVE when that happens! There is NOTHING better than losing weight and possibly losing a job simply because a book is too good to put down. lol


Alright, so FINALLY, I have FOUND my Match (see what I did there?) and I am in love! I just got the book last night and I'm already on chapter 11. I would be even farther but life keeps distracting me with it's responsibilities to answer the phone, write some emails, and sleep. lol


I definitely cannot wait until I am done with my meetings today so I can come back to my home and sit on my couch with this lovely book that was recommended to me by someone at the library after I told them how much I enjoyed THG.


I'll keep you updated world!



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