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How I'll Review (Too)

I really like efficiency, however, I struggle to practice it.


So when I saw this post by SuperSushiPizza, I saw it as my chance to actually start being super efficient AND organized!


So my future reviews, will follow a similar format so this way you can know whether or not the book I'm reviewing is for you or not. :)


Be sure to check out her page as well AND her videos. I just found her here on BL and I'm already addicted to her youtube channel and her BL blog!


Also, do I have any other goodreads followers? I'm highly considering leaving just cause it seems like they are trying to regulate a little to much over any other transplants? Let me know!



I think that I should use this switch from Goodreads to BookLikes to get back into writing reviews, but the idea of writing a proper review makes me not want to write a proper review.


Instead, I'm going to fill out this template:


The best thing about this book was: (insert good thing)


The worst thing about this book was: (insert bad thing)


This book made me feel: (insert adjectives/descriptive phrases)


I would recommend this book to: (insert type of person/reader)


Addictiveness: (insert point on range from PAPER CUTS to NICOTINE ME) (don't smoke, kids!)


Re-readability: (insert point on range from NEVER AGAIN to ALL DAY EVERYDAY)


We'll see how it goes!

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