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I literally dream about Matched.


Ok, I know that I've been singing this book's praises but I am so OBSESSED with it! And I am just so HAPPY to be obsessed! I haven't been truly captured by a book since January and just incase you don't's September.

That's 8-EIGHT VERY LONG MONTHS of being bored with books and feeling frustrated with pushing through every book I tried to become in love with.


Anyway, I'm just so happy! I love the characters, I am just as frustrated as the main girl (Cassia) and have no idea how she is going to choose between-well EVERYTHING! She has so many choices, so many things to fight for and to fight against-it's like....what should she do?!


Normally, I know what I want the character to do but this time...I can feel her confusion and struggle.

Great writing. I'm very excited about where this is going and for the first time in a long time, I am actually trusting the writer. :)




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