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Powerful Book that Will Change Your Worldview...

I Never Called It Rape: The Ms. Report on Recognizing, Fighting, and Surviving Date and Acquaintance Rape - Robin Warshaw

Wow. I haven't finished the book but I had to write this down.


This book is definitely a MUST read for both men & women....I am not enjoying the fact that this is a reality but I am definitely enjoying being informed....


Here are a few points so far that have really hit home for me right now...


One in four women have experienced an attempted rape or rape.


84% of victims were acquainted with their assailants (which means most incidents happen between people who KNOW each


One in every 12 men admits to committing acts that meet legal definitions of rape.


57% of the rapes happened on dates.



Many women react in various ways to what is happening to them or what has happened to of them being dissociation and this really hurt my heart....Dissociation is when the person "mentally removes herself from what is happening. This dissociation may slow down or block her ability to respond to what's's a protective reaction that helps the victim survive the experience" however the scary part of this is that many victims may be unable to stop it from happening or retaliate because their mind has "checked out" if you will.


Often victims will remember the occurrence but from a place of watching it happen rather than actually being in the moment itself.




Knowing this really hurts my heart for the many people who are silently suffering due to unawareness of what the definition is of rape and due to the many individuals who are unaware that their actions could've been labeled as sexual assault.


The greatest way to enact change is to educate...and this book is definitely educating me and I recommend that others be educated as well.


More to come...


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