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Let The Obsession Begin...

In getting to know me, you'll find that I can easily become obsessive over things that I love.


When I first watched Titanic, I became OBSESSED with the film. Watching it EVERY Sunday for over 7 years (not even exaggerating here)-memorizing EVERY line (three hours of dialogue is A LOT to remember).


I became obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio and then watched every movie he had been in up to Titanic (and my obsession still continues). I bought books on him and learned his middle name (Wilhelm), his date of birth (11-11-74), his parents names (Irmelin and George) and the inspiration behind his name (While his mother was pregnant with him, she visited an art gallery in Italy and she was looking at a painting of Leonardo da Vinci and it was the first time she felt him kick and thus-he chose his name! lol).


Yes, obsessed.


And now...since I have found Booklikes, I have visited nearly every day for the past two weeks-multiple times a day-spending hours exploring, following, commenting, shelving books, and more.


And last night....I dreamed about shelving books on BookLikes....


The obsession has begun.



Update: The radio show WILL be happening! :) I've decided to go with using BlogTalkRadio & iTunes as my hosting site to produce the book & film review radio show....I am currently choosing a name and I hope to start recording tomorrow. :) So be on the lookout! :)

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