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Couldn't Really Finish It... :(

The Host - Stephenie Meyer

Ok, I had to stop reading this book because was getting a little annoying. I feel awful because I really like Stephenie Meyer.

There are so many issues that I had with this book.

First off was that it took so long for the book to pick up the pace. The attention to detail was a little too much so I was easily getting bored and frustrated.

Then finally, mid-way through the book, it really starts to get good and I enjoyed it. However, after awhile-Melanie (the human) starts to get VERY annoying. I continued to push through, but after awhile-I seriously couldn't take it anymore and I had to stop. I am currently trying to decide if I should just sell this book or just try to finish through it at another time.

This book honestly has been one of the most difficult books because I had to keep stopping simply because I was getting so annoyed with the main character. The alien that takes over Melanie's body (Wanderer) isn't so annoying-it's just the book is too detail orientated for me and then Melanie is just too catty and angry.

Maybe I would be more understanding of her plight if Stephenie focused more on the feelings rather than the details of the caves, the houses, etc. but I just couldn't really understand how catty Melanie was.
And then Jared....woah. The love interest thing was VERY unrealistic in that Melanie was acting like a child. I mean I truly cannot understand how Melanie is so dependent on Jared....her feelings for Jared didn't feel felt a desperate and so I couldn't even enjoy the romantic side of the book. I don't think any guy would enjoy how Melanie behaved and thought...

So all in all, it's not really worth the money I spent on it....I'm disappointed because I think the story could really go far and the concept sounds good enough that I would've enjoyed it but I just couldn't get past Stephenie's obsession with details, the desperation of Melanie towards Jared and the intense anger that Melanie has....

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