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What An Enjoyable Book!

The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick

I truly enjoyed this book. I'm a little sad that I'm done with it actually because I wanted to know more about what happens with Tiffany and Pat but I guess I'll have to leave it up to my imagination instead.
This is actually one of my first books that I have read from a male author, I have always assumed I wouldn't like male authors so I don't really read them. (Sexist, I know.) But I'm truly glad that I read this book because Matthew Quick did a great job sharing Pat's story and struggle to overcome very negative circumstances.

My only flaws with the book was that there was too much Eagles talk. Pat, the main character, liked the Eagles football team and I just wasn't really into that. I started to skip past those parts because he would spend SOOO much time talking about it and since I'm really not a sports fan-it really bored me. It also slightly bothered me because Pat wasn't even passionate about himself. I think I would've had more interest if the main character also had interest but he didn't. He really just got excited for the team and supported the team in an effort to spend time with his family/please his family. His family (besides his mother) didn't really seem to understand Pat nor did they really seem to try to.

I really didn't like Pat's father...his distance and his coldness toward Pat was unlikable.

Now I've seen the movie version of this as well and I actually prefer the movie's twist rather than the book. I feel like the book's version of the story left a lot of unresolved conflict and the characters weren't as pleasant, some of them anyway. The characters in the movie have more depth to their character and they are nicer towards one another. I wish though that in the movie, Tiffany's story was more explained because in the book it is and it helps to understand the movie's take on Tiffany as well.

The book also focuses less on Pat's love life, which is ok but I did enjoy watching his relationship with Tiffany unfold on the movie screen so I sort of wish that the book played into that more.

Either way though, this book is certainly worth the read. It's a quick read and I enjoyed it, I really wish it wasn't so quick because I just want to find out more! :)

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