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A Deep & Meaningful Reflection of Us?

The Hunger Games  - Suzanne  Collins

Although this book was definitely well written and the idea is certainly original (as far as I know anyway), I have to admit that I started reading this book out of curiosity just because I was so disturbed by the idea of children harming children.

As I read though, this book really opened my eyes to a bigger picture. I'll first admit that I'm the type of person that enjoys looking deeper into things and understanding the story behind the story.

I felt like this story has a bigger meaning of just how much our country has become obsessed with watching human emotion as a sport. We are desensitized to pain, sadness, frustration and find violence and scheming funny or entertaining.
While we continue to watch these things, people are truly suffering-for entertainment and we are ok with it.
Another notion I thought of was all of the countries who are in pain right now, fighting for common things like food, water, and shelter or safety while most of us live our lives using our extra money to buy new phones, cars, bigger houses, etc. I'm guilty of this too so I am certainly not pointing the finger. It just made me realize, wow-what am I doing?

As I finished this book, my eyes were certainly open and I felt more reflective about my actions. Sometimes drastic measures (such as using the idea of children killing children) are taken in order to get us to see what we as humans are doing....and I think I certainly got the message.
I enjoyed this book and I think that many people, if they think about it, will come away from this book rethinking some things...if they want to see it for a deeper meaning.

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