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Radio vs. Youtube...What Shall I Do?

BlogTalkRadio or Youtube

**Beware of Rambling**


I am contemplating starting a book review channel or radio show because I REALLY want to become a bigger part of the booktube community. I LOVE watching booktubers like

SuperSushiPizza and

Christine Riccio and I love their enthusiasm and the community they create around books. I want to join the discussion in a bigger way and share my love for books too but I can't decide if I should add book reviews to my already existing youtube channel (I'm a life coach) or if I should start an entirely new channel for my book reviews OR if I should forgo the whole video thing all together and start a radio show instead.


Radio can be easier sometimes since it's less make up & less set cause let's be honest....getting video ready takes a lot of time! lol On top of all the editing you have to do-not always fun...


Well ok I think I've kind of decided just based on that...I think radio is where it is....ahhh I don't know! :) LOL

Ok yes, I think I'm going to go with radio... :) I will do book & movie reviews because I LOVE both! :)


So...would you listen in if I invited you to? I will definitely post the links here for the show...ok yes, I'm doing this. :)


See this is why writing out your thoughts is awesome! :)


So see you guys soon!! :)

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