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Legend  - Marie Lu

I have a bad habit of reading multiple books at a time because I have to have different books for different moods. lol But I really want to stop doing this because I find that it takes me SO much longer to finish books than normal for me. So that should be a goal for me-read one book at a time.


or at least just two...maybe three. AH!

Ok so I started reading Legend by Marie Lu since I'm nearing the end of my other book, "I Never Called it Rape" by Robin Warshaw so I thought, I need a little fiction in my life...


I can't tell you that I'm sold on it just yet. (Don't hate me!) I know there are tons of people who have either

a) read it already and

b) LOVE it!


Maybe I'll learn to love it but for now...I'm 97 pages in and I'm kind of just trudging through it. But I find myself randomly thinking, "why can't this world be like the world in Matched?" (Cause that book was awesome!)


It's not bad though, it just hasn't captured me yet...but I shall continue the fight! :)


Have you read Legend? Did you enjoy it? Share your thoughts with me BUT DON'T SPOIL IT! :) LOL

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