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Nope. Not Today.

The Bluest Eye - Toni Morrison

Yeah no. I can't finish this book today. I know this book is written by the great Toni Morrison and that it's one of Oprah's favorite books but I'm just having such a hard time getting through it.


I'm getting sooo incredibly annoyed with how mean the characters are but I know it's not intentional. I mean it is, but it's supposed to signify just how difficult things were and how it changed people. The characters are in survival mode, they weren't allowed to develop as a whole person. Vulnerability & fragility could mean death. Strength was defined as hardness in their time & mind. They did not see how tenderness and the showing of love was stronger than harshness.


They couldn't see it, weren't allowed to, and they had to do what they had to do in order to keep their sanity & their family in tact.


However, I can't keep reading because the style of writing seems all over the place.

To some, you probably think I'm crazy. I just think it's jumping from place to place and yet it is seems as if it is "trying" to be really dramatic and poetic and instead I feel like it is just wordy.


So maybe I'll read this in my future...just not today.


Man, I really need a book that is "happy". Not a book that starts off with a dystopian future or a depressive past....

any suggestions?

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