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Page by Paige-A Cute Graphic Novel!

Page by Paige - Laura Lee Gulledge

This is my first graphic novel and WOW! This was excellent. I can totally see why people turn to graphic novels-especially when they are THIS good.


The book starts off talking about Paige Turner who just moved from Virginia to the Big City of New York. She starts off lonely and unsure if she was going to like her new home but as time passes she chooses to make the best of it and enjoy her time in New York. I loved her resiliency, her drive, and determination to make the best of her situation. I also loved how realistic the book was because I've definitely been in that situation where you're new to the area and you feel weird and awkward about it. I believe Laura did a great job of conveying the emotions of the character not only through words but through the drawings. They were PERFECT. I literally have no idea how to describe just how literally perfect the drawings matched the emotion of confusion, joy, first love, rekindling friendships, connecting with parents, feeling attacked by parents (lol), etc.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a graphic novel about a teenage girl facing a new challenge and/or if you're someone who is new to the graphic novel world.

This is definitely worth the read. It's also a fast read, I read it in about an hour so it's not time consuming either. :)

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