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Interesting Thing to Focus On

Dracula - Bram Stoker

Jonathan Harker is shaving & accidentally cuts himself after being startled by Dracula...Dracula (of course) freaks out because Jonathan drew blood and then composes himself but not before...



  • lunging for Jonathan's throat
  • looking "demonic" as Jonathan describes him
  • and throwing out Jonathan's shaving mirror.


I love how Jonathan's response is, "It is very annoying, for I do not see how I am to shave..."





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MY DNF List: Cassandra Clare, Stephenie Meyer, & More!

I'm loving doing my new radio show so much that now I thought I would make another episode for everyone! :)


So I'm sharing my DNF list and these are really just the books that I really thought I was going to love and instead....not so much.


So tune in to hear what I think about Tina Fey's Bossypants, Stephenie Meyer's The Host, Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl's Beautiful Creatures, and Cassandra Clare's City of Bones as well as more!


So what's one book that you were really disappointed that you didn't enjoy it and couldn't finish it? Let me know in the comments!


Loving the Writing....

Dracula - Bram Stoker

It's official.


I've started reading it and can I just say....


I'm already hooked.

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Still On My Mind...

Legend  - Marie Lu

I did mention how obsessed I can get over the things that I love...right?


Ok so I finished the book today and WOW. I am BEYOND glad that I stuck with it because it's still pouding in my mind right now. I mean literally, I keep reflecting on the imagery I've created of the Republic and Day & June and I'm just like...


I need more!

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Nope. Not Today.

The Bluest Eye - Toni Morrison

Yeah no. I can't finish this book today. I know this book is written by the great Toni Morrison and that it's one of Oprah's favorite books but I'm just having such a hard time getting through it.


I'm getting sooo incredibly annoyed with how mean the characters are but I know it's not intentional. I mean it is, but it's supposed to signify just how difficult things were and how it changed people. The characters are in survival mode, they weren't allowed to develop as a whole person. Vulnerability & fragility could mean death. Strength was defined as hardness in their time & mind. They did not see how tenderness and the showing of love was stronger than harshness.


They couldn't see it, weren't allowed to, and they had to do what they had to do in order to keep their sanity & their family in tact.


However, I can't keep reading because the style of writing seems all over the place.

To some, you probably think I'm crazy. I just think it's jumping from place to place and yet it is seems as if it is "trying" to be really dramatic and poetic and instead I feel like it is just wordy.


So maybe I'll read this in my future...just not today.


Man, I really need a book that is "happy". Not a book that starts off with a dystopian future or a depressive past....

any suggestions?

Legend  - Marie Lu
"Each day means a new twenty-four hours. Each day means everything's possible again. You live in the moment, you die in the moment, you take it all one day at a time."

Totally Worth The Read

I Never Called It Rape: The Ms. Report on Recognizing, Fighting, and Surviving Date and Acquaintance Rape - Robin Warshaw

This was absolutely excellent!


It was incredibly thorough and totally opened my eyes to the realities of stranger rape, acquaintance rape, and date rape. It is so important that men AND women read this book to become aware of what is happening in our society, how to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and how damaging non-consenual sex is not just for the individual who was harmed but also for our society as a whole.


As per usual, here is my book review:


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Prodigy - Marie Lu

I just found out that there is a waiting list for the second book in the Legend Series at my library.


Thirteen people are ahead of me...


and our library allows us to have books checked out for four weeks at a time!!





Don't forget to check out my newest (and first) episode of Tea, Books, & Film!

Introducing: Tea, Books, & Film! My new radio show reviewing books, film, and tea! :)



My first episode from Tea, Books, & Film is now LIVE! :) Be sure to listen, reblog, and share!



Find out what inspired me to create the show...

Find out what are my favorite films and books...

How you can share your book reviews on the show...

What I think of Marie Lu's Legend...


So tune in! I'm so excited about starting the show! yay!! I'm sure it will get better as time goes!


Have you read Legend? What did you think about it?? Are you going to read it?



Legend  - Marie Lu



I am AGONIZING over the end of this book! My HEART is pouring out of me!! So many questions!


How can a book that I literally was forcing myself through-now be a book that I'm crying over it's end??






Ok so I just found out about #readathon and I'm SO excited that I can join in on the fun! I've actually been reading all weekend anyway-which is like crazy! It's like my heart knew that somewhere out there this was happening and so I needed to be reading! :) lol


So here's my blog entry:


ahh! I just saw this on Twitter (you guys are trending!!) and I was like I WANT TO JOIN! What's FUNNY is that ALL WEEK, I kept telling myself "all day Saturday, I am going to just read all the books I keep saying I want to read and do nothing else." and so last night I started reading and I haven't stopped until now. (Well I did sleep...but that's really important! It's hard to process without sleeping! lol)

So unknowingly, I've been doing the readathon! SOO cool! :)  So I'm so glad that I found this hashtag AND  that I can join you guys in reading!!

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?
The wonderful state of Georgia! :)

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?
Dracula! I've never read it and it's time that I do since I claim to love vampires so much! So once I finish reading Marie Lu's Legend, I'm going to start on Dracula!

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?
Pop-tarts! Which I just had so I didn't have to cook breakfast so I could keep reading. lol

4) Tell us a little something about yourself!
I LOVE being happy and I love life! :) I'm a Professional Life Coach, photographer, youtuber, and I LOVE to read! I'm also OBSESSED with films-classics, current-I love it all! :) I have regular movie-thons ALL the time! :)

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?
This is my first one and I'm sooo excited about it! I am most looking forward to just the calm life of just reading in the quiet. :) I also am looking forward to making new friends and finding new books to add to ever growing TBR list! :)



Here's more info:

""The memory fades, and I'm left hanging on to the ghosts of his words.""
Legend  - Marie Lu


""Her sadness makes her impossibly beautiful, like snow blanketing a barren landscape.""
Legend  - Marie Lu


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